Kaja Draksler



Kaja: “I will play my own compositions, now working on a new repertoire.“


Kaja Draksler released her first solo album ‘The Lives of Many Others‘ in October 2013 at Clean Feed Records



Kaja Draksler




press on the CD

“She delivered an impressive patchwork of classical and folk-infused miniatures, alternating with Cecil Taylor-esque percussive accelerations, competing left hand/right hand lines, and beautifully creative inside the piano passages, finishing with Thelonious Monk-like improvisation and a brief Bach encore.”
(Henning Bolte, All About Jazz, 2012)

“Draksler brings austerity, subtlety and poignancy with her fluid piano playing and rings through in bright, rich textures.” 

(Irish Times, Dublin, May 2011)