Mark Lotz Trio

Wednesday march 3

streamed from De Peppel.

Mark Alban Lotz – fluiten, fx
Zack Lober – bass, fx
Jamie Peet – drums, fx

Mark Lotz Trio

Explosive music by multi-flutist Mark Lotz with two musicians from a new generation in the Dutch music scene. The winner as best drummer of the Benelux 2020 Jamie Peet and the Canadian bassist Zack Lober hailing from NYC.

A trio in contemporary jazz music with a program around LSD Guru Timothy Leary in a new version of PSyCHedELiC JAZZ.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!

Timothy Leary is a prominent 1960s figure. He was an American psychologist and writer who used LSD for therapeutic use in psychiatry. He also wrote and talked about trans-humanistic concepts related to space migration, increase in intelligence and life extension and developed the “eight circuit model” of consciousness in his book Exo-Psychology (1977).

His Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness is about eight different stages of consciousness and is inspiration and starting point for the performance.

The Mark Lotz Trio-release won twice in the ‘BEST OF 2019’ of the prestigious New York Jazz City Records Magazine.

All About Jazz (USA)
“Mark Alban Lotz is bringing sexy back into jazz.”

UKVibe (Great Britain)
“This is the spirit of jazz in its truest form.”

Polish Jazzblog Spot (Poland)
“Stellar example of musical chemistry and the essence of the sound.”