Grzech Piotrowski

Silent Concert – headphone concerts

A modern way of experiencing live music!

Silent Concert is an innovative idea by Pietrowski containing elements of a high-end studio event, combined with a private meeting with the artist.

High quality sound, studio headphones and artistic creation here and now give a unique opportunity for a deeper experience. Intimacy is emphasized by the fact that the artist leads the listener into a state of meditation, keeping the person in his own world of experiences and emotions.

Grzech Piotrowski is an explorer. He crosses the world in search of artists and music, the roots of improvisation, the sun, healthy eating, adventure and the essence of being. His music projects are completely out of frame, standards and any stereotypes. Composer, saxophonist, music producer, arranger.

Grzech is an atist balancing on the edge of film music, classical music, jazz, ethno, roots, open improvisation. He is the creator of the international project Grzech Piotrowski – WORLD ORCHESTRA and bands such as Alchemist, Oxen, Deconstruction of Jazz, Freedom Nation, Head Up.

Grzech graduated from the prestigious Department of Jazz and Entertainment Music at the Academy of Music in Katowice in saxophone class. Nominated twice for the “Fryderyk Award”. Winner of the Grand Prix at Hoeilaart Jazz Festival in Belgium in 1998, the Grand Prix at the festival Two Theaters in Sopot for the music to the play “Bass Saxophone” Skvorecki, and was awarded the the first price on the festivals “Jazz nad Odrą” and “Pomorska