Deborah J. Carter meets Coen Molenaar

Saturday march 6

streamed from Kunstenhuis

A spontaneous meeting in a tribute for the pianist Chick Corea.

Deborah J. Carter

Vocalist Deborah J. Carter was born in the U.S.A. and grew up in Hawaii and Japan. This Berklee graduate travels extensively, performing in jazz festivals,theaters, clubs, seminars, and radio and TV-shows through Europe, Africa, and Asia with her trio or as a guest with various formations; from solo-pianists to large orchestras. While on tour, she also teaches masterclasses and workshops all over the world. She also done extensive work as a ‘jazz ambassador’ for the American embassies overseas. Deborahhas currently been appointed as the jazz vocal professor of the prestigious MusicConservatory in San Sebastian, in northern Spain. For more info on Deborah Carter’s projects and activities:

Coen Molenaar

Coen Molenaar is a fulltime musician, composer, teacher and producer working worldwide and in a wide range of styles like jazz, fusion, dance, funk, R&B, rock, neo-soul. Still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman and his own groups like Tristan , The New Conrad Miller Trio and  On Impulse. 

Studied jazz-piano, with Bert van de Brink, Jasper van het Hof and Michiel Borstlap at the Utrecht Conservatory between 1989-1996. Working as a piano/ Ableton teacher at the Haarlem Conservatory since 2011.

Worked/ toured and recorded a.o.  With Jan Akkerman,Heston (USA) , Randy Brecker (USA), Jamal Thomas (USA) Chris Hinze, Eddy de Clercq, Guthrie Govan(UK), Deborah Carter(USA), Berget Lewis, Do (piano on candlelight version Heaven), Edsilia Rombley, Brown Hill, Josee Koning, Carole Denis/ Nick van Gelder (ex Jamiroquai) (UK), Ghazem Batamuntu (USA), and various Dutch singers: Lisa Noya, Angela Groothuizen, Julya Lo.Ko , Des’ray (Desiree Manders).

Together with bass-player Frans Vollink, he is the founder/owner of record-label Isolde Records .