Voor musicians

Jazz On The Sofa is a festival in chamber music in a small town somewhere in the outskirts of the Netherlands. We book artists in solo or duo settings in jazz. We do not book drums and we feature locals to a big extend. 

This festival is subvention driven. Subvention though never is sustainable and every year it is a struggle. A huge effort. Of course we do love to hear from you and certainly you deserve a spot. But please consider: There are always a lot of strings to pull. Literally. There is very little chance to get booked.: We are very sorry about this. Do not take it personally, it never is!

If we can raise a thought:
Musicians should take over the industry. Musicians have the magic and the love. Commit your self to the local community. Stand up for the thing you love most. Organize a festival, organize a jazzclub or support your local music hub in all kind of ways. Advice and take seat in government boards of the industry (funding institutions, author right organizations, city, etc). It is about time.

We are in this together. Loads of succes. One Love!
Crew Jazz On The Sofa & Mark Lotz

PS. Please become member of the BIM (Union For Improvising Muisicians) if you are based in the Netherlands.  Time to get involved and participate.